$1.6 Billion White Knight for Fortune 300 CNW Corp.

Investment: Japonica was the largest shareholder.

UGLC Description: A leading transportation holding company, this UGLC, suffering from a loss of passion for innovation and performance, was deemed a “strategic asset” by several US government entities given its key transportation infrastructure supporting both critical commercial supply routes and public transportation pathways.
Global Reach: This UGLC had transportation assets located primarily within North America, but interfaced with trading partners worldwide, handling a diverse range of products, including automotive, natural resource, and agricultural products, as well as manufactured goods. Approximately 9,000 employees.
“Perfectly Aligned” Relationships: Japonica has developed and builds “perfectly aligned” relationships with its partners and other key relationships in all respects, including economics, structure, and governance.
Japonica Creating Value: Japonica created value in this UGLC, rescuing it from both a failed takeover and failed business model, and developing a transformational business plan, and won stakeholder endorsements.
Discovering Value: Japonica assembled a team of approximately 70 entrepreneurs and niche specialists who worked for almost 15 months discovering value gaps based on hidden nuggets of value and transformational business plans.
Partner Creating Value: Japonica Partners created value primarily in the global capital markets sector with investment judgments, intelligence, networking, and communications.
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